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5 Things I Know For Sure With Alexandra Forry - Timeless Endings Book Tour & Giveaway

5 Things I Know For Sure

Any 5 things you know for sure - can be in life, writing, publishing, marketing, relationships, cooking, wine, absolutely anything you know for sure.

1. LOVE IS SO MESSED-UP – Why? I think that DISNEY movies are miss leading girls about romance. It feel that sometimes when a man and a woman fall in love with each other and for some reason the guy has another woman or the woman is married but somehow they fell in love anyway. You cant help it whom you fall in love with, sometimes you realized that you are already in love with someone that you cant have but it’s too late to save your heart.

2. PLEOPE COME IN TO YOUR LIFE FOR A REASON – Good or Bad, I believe that you met people for a reason, some teach you a lesson, while some come in to love you for you. I always find it fascinating how People come in your life and sometime people that you’ll never thought about for years can one day walked back into your life.

3. FRIENDSHIP – How dose a girl with Cerebral Palsy that wrote three books became friends with a big time mobster, a producer/writer, a CIA operative, a news journalist, law officers, and true crime authors out of pure damn luck. I’m very thankful for each of my friendship. Some of my friendship went bad and causing lots of drama in my life . I am very grateful for my special friendship with someone whom I know since I was eight years old. Sometime you need to take a step back and consider who is your true friend and who isn’t. If someone isn’t a good friend to you get rid of them! Life is too short to have stress from a friend.

4. FAMILY – I love that saying “You can’t pick your family but your sure do pick your friends.” That’s 100% true, a part of my real family I don’t want nothing to with them. If I was not related by blood I wont have any part of knowing some of my relative. What I believe is called a spiritual family, that you decide who do you want in your spiritual family. Mine is made up with some blood relative, some are relative to me by-law, and very close and dear friends that I love.

5. LIFE – Having Cerebral Palsy made me grow up a bit faster. Let me tell you having Cerebral Palsy isn’t fun one bit. I always mistaken for someone with severe developmental disabilities. Good-hearted but ignorant people patronize me, speaking to me in the slow condescension used to talk to toddlers. People “baby” me or when I with my friends people say something to my friends about me and not talk to me . This drives me crazy! Not all people with cerebral palsy has severe developmental disabilities. I learn that life can be very tough at sometimes but you have to stand back up when life knock you down and carry on down your road!

Author Bio: 

Alexandra Forry has an incredible talent for living vicariously through the colorful and intriguing escapades of her strong female characters and successful leading men. Her first book, “Omerta Affair,” based on the true story of mafia boss Tony Torino and his paramour Evelyn Rosenberg has recently been adapted and re-released as “Timeless Endings”–romance fiction. Her latest book, “Wildflower,” is an adventure in coming of age for both a young orphan and her repressed aunt who is trapped in a destructive marriage. It is a beautiful story of life, hope, growth, and triumph and deals with many of the traumas of youth, such as bullying.

Alexandra Forry is familiar with life’s challenges. She was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she lives with her loving grandparents. Alexandra has conquered the limitations of Cerebral Palsy to write exciting and engaging novels. She has completed a number of talks and internet book tours and is a member of the Las Vegas Romance Writers and RWA.

Author Links -

Book Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date: February 27, 2014

Book Description: 

Evelyn turned toward the lights of the city. The view was breathtaking as she stood looking down on Las Vegas, lovingly wrapped in Tony's arms. It was a moment she would keep deep in her heart, forever.
"Look at this-The City of Gold!" Evelyn exclaimed as Tony kissed her forehead.
"And it's all ours, Eve!"
Thus begins a heartwarming and harrowing tale of life and forbidden love lost to one generation and found in the next. Caught between a turbulent love triangle that shook the very foundations of the Mafia's Las Vegas Empire, and a deadly struggle for wealth and power, Mob Boss and "King of Las Vegas" Tony Torino, his mistress hustler and onetime showgirl Evelyn Rosenberg, and her husband top Chicago mobster Charlie "Gus" Rosenberg live and love in defiance of the violent and unforgiving laws of the Mafia. All that remains is Evelyn's carefully preserved diary left by Gus to be discovered by his daughter Adriane and Tony's son Victor as they pack up her late father's belongings. Through the vivid and brilliant use of flashbacks, juxtaposed with current events, we witness one of the most beautiful and ill-fated love stories of the last century. As Victor, a forest ranger who fled his family's Mob past, and Adriane, an attorney being pressured to work for the Mafia, read through the diary old hatreds and new alliances rise leaving us to wonder if history will repeat itself.


"Adriane, look at what I found,” Victor said peering closely at the photo.
"What?" she said, walking over to him.
"It's a picture of your parents, my parents and two other couples sitting on the sofa at your old home. Hey, I remember taking this photo at a party!"
"Ah, it must have been taken before my mom went and slept with your dad," Adriane said, looking at the photo.
"Seems like your dad was trying to figure out what happened back in Las Vegas. What a coincidence this is. We were just talking about it!"
"Victor! It's a photo that my dad kept in his desk, nothing more!"
She rolled her eyes as Victor looked over at her and then down at the very bottom drawer of the desk. He bent down and pulled it open.
A look of astonishment crossed his face.
"Adriane, what if we have the story wrong about what happened in Vegas long ago?"
"Victor, did you forget? My dad told his side of the story to the person who wrote that sickening movie. My dad had no reason to lie about what happened!"
"If you say so, but I think that you need to take a look in this drawer."


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