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Five Things I know for Sure about Writing By: Dr. Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr., D.D. (h.c.)

Five Things I know for Sure about Writing
By: Dr. Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr., D.D. (h.c.)

This is a difficult subject for me, as I’ve had absolutely no formal training on the subject….but maybe that’s a good thing, because formal training says writing is a process, while I believe it isn’t. Good writing is an expression of a belief in the subject matter.

What I mean by process is, you have an idea, you research, write chapter outlines, etc., etc., and before you know it, your idea gets lost in the “process.” There are hundreds of books and magazines on how to write, most completely worthless.

By their standard I don’t have a clue on how to write. On the other hand, by the standard of published books to my credit, perhaps I have some thoughts that may help.
  1. First and foremost, no matter if you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, be passionate about what you’re committing to paper. Passion is the most important thing when writing. If you don’t truly care about the subject matter, neither will readers.
  2. Prioritize your life. Writing is not a part-time vocation. If you can’t devote hours a day to a project, don’t start writing until you can. A hit-and-miss approach will cause you to lose continuity and, eventually, enthusiasm, which will then be reflected in your failed work.
  3. I cannot imagine the number of excellent books that never see the light of day. Authors contact me the all the time asking for help, but they seldom actually want advice; what they’re really looking for is an excuse for their project’s dead-end. They can’t do this, and they don’t have time for that. I can tell you what else they don’t have – a finished book. A good idea for a book is of little value if you’re not 100% dedicated.
  4. Write every day. I know that sounds terribly simple, but apparently, based on my experience helping others, it’s not. When you don’t write each and every day, a day turns into a week, a week into a month, and so on. After a while the thought of writing a book isn’t that appealing anymore. It gets lost in your day-to-day existence. Look at it this way – if you write just one page a day, in the span of a year or less you will have a completed book.
  5. Understand the publishing business, because writing a book, even a great book, is no guarantee it will ever be published. The industry has changed over my 30+ year career. Selling yourself and your book to agents and publishers is a full-time job in this market. So while I don’t believe in the writing “process” per se, I strongly recommend you read a book on how to acquire an agent, or how to sell your book to publishers directly, etc.
It doesn’t take me long to write a book, but don’t be deceived. I may have been working on it in my head for years, so when I start typing it doesn’t take long. I mention this because I want you to know that the only writing process you should believe in is yours. We’re each different. Find yours and stick with it. Believe in what you’re writing. Work on it every single day without exception. The only acceptable excuse would be death. Forget the writing “process.” That said; learn the publishing “process.”

Edward Mrkvicka is a lifelong Christian, award-winning author, lay minister and counselor. He is devoted to saving families from the ravages of adultery, and the divorce that almost always follows. Most important, he is devoted to the innocent children who are damaged by the selfish acts of their parents who give in to temptation.

Mrkvicka believes the only hope for betraying adulterers is the Word of God. This is what he tries to do with his books and counseling – ensure that as many as possible know what a true evil adultery is, and that they know it before-the-fact, as it is far easier to avoid the evil than to get back once the line has been crossed.

His efforts on behalf of families, understanding adultery, and the devastating effect of divorce on children has earned him a United States Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition.

He started writing professionally in 1980.

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Book Genre: Religion: Christian Life
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises
Release Date: Sept. 2011

Book Description: 'Thou shalt not commit adultery' (Exodus 20:14).
Have you found yourself contemplating committing adultery? Are you currently in an adulterous relationship? Have you been affected by an act of adultery? If you answered yes to any of these questions, No Innocent Affair: Making Right the Wrong of Adultery is the tool you need.
An avid student of the Word, Ed Mrkvicka addresses the fact that adultery is one of the main contributors to the destruction of the American family and seeks to reverse this terrifying statistic. Mrkvicka posits that few who engage in adulterous relationships realize the enormity of the cost of infidelity, both to themselves and innocent people in their lives.
Beginning by comparing God's view of adultery to society's view, No Innocent Affair explains in frank yet loving terms that unrepentant adultery is more than just an innocent affair. It is choosing Satan over Jesus and death over life. Mrkvicka desires to lead adulterers to repentance and eternal life with Jesus Christ.
Most importantly, No Innocent Affair takes you on a step-by-step biblical progression that leads to the sin of adultery being forgiven and salvation reclaimed.
Infidelity is no easy subject to discuss, but it is one that must be addressed. Follow along on this exploration of the consequences and ways out of adultery.


Nothing could be clearer. Unrepentant adulterers will not spend
eternity in heaven.

So if you’re thinking about committing adultery, don’t. The cost
to everyone, especially you, is just too high. Adultery is more than physical
lust or an innocent affair and/or choosing another person
over one’s spouse. Adultery is choosing Satan over Jesus, death over
life, and hell over heaven. But God does not condemn us to that
fate. Instead, if we will follow the step-by-step instructions culled
from the Bible and offered in this book, He forgives us so we may
be saved. Of course, as with all things God asks of His children,
our obedience is rewarded far beyond what we deserve: “Then shall
the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my
Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of
the world” (Matthew 25:34).

If you’re in an adulterous relationship, end it. Now. As with all
sin, adulterers must first admit it and then quit it. Thank God we
can be forgiven, but only if we repent and make right that which we
have made wrong.

Lastly, no matter how far removed we are from the Light of the
Lord, we must never forget the life-affirming words of Jesus in Luke
15:7. “I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over on sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.”