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Book Tour & Giveaway: Author Fun Facts & Favorite Recipe with Carol McKibben - Luke's Tale

Luke's Tale
by Carol McKibben

Author Fun Facts

  1. Favorite Author
John Irving

  1. Favorite Book
To Kill a Mockingbird

  1. Favorite Movie
Forrest Gump (but I have so many favorites!)

  1. Preferred Drink
Jack Daniels

  1. Favorite Activity
Riding Classical Dressage

  1. One thing readers would be surprised to know about you.
Besides fostering rescue dogs (which probably is no surprise), I train and compete in Classical Dressage (that’s the Olympic Sport where the rider “dances” with her horse to music).

  1. Actor/actress you see playing your main character in your book.
Hmm… who would play Sara? Jennifer Lawrence with dark hair.
  1. Night owl or early bird.
Early bird.

  1. Favorite dinner.
Steak and salad.

  1. Using the letters of your first name as an acronym, describe your book.
C – compassionate story
A - about a couple’s search for happiness
R - romantic
O – obviously narrated by a dog
L – loving unconditionally

Author Favorite Recipe

Macroni and Cheese

I’m from the south, so it’s comfort food all the way. This is my mother’s recipe for Macroni and Cheese. My family always requests that I make it during the holidays.

1/2 stick of butter
2 tablespoons sifted flour
1 teaspoon salt
Pinch of pepper
Garlic salt to taste
2 1/2 cups whole milk
2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
8 ounces (2 cups) elbow macroni

In saucepan, melt butter. Remove from heat and blend in flour, salt, garlic and pepper. Slowly add milk while blending. Heat stirring constantly until sauce thickens a little and is smooth. Add 1-1/2 cups cheese and heat until melted, stirring continuously. Meanwhile, cook macroni as directed and drain. Combine with sauce in a 2-quart casserole and top with remaining cheese and Paprika.

Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until nicely browned and bubbly. Makes 4 to 6 servings. For my family, I double everything because they like to have leftovers the next day (but there’s rarely any of it left!)

Meet the Author: Carol McKibben currently writes from the heart of a dog’s eyes. Often telling her stories to Labradoodles, Basset Hounds and any stray that happens by, it wasn’t long before people stopped to have a listen as well. Now Carol writes for people and speaks to large audiences, dogs included. Carol was a magazine publisher for more than 20 years. She began a new career in freelance writing and editing in 2007, as well as working with other authors to realize their dreams. She also has published a Memoir, Riding Through It. Visit her at

One lucky winner will receive a print or e-book copy of Luke’s Tale: A Story of Unconditional Love FREE! All you have to do is reply to this post and write something about Unconditional Love and what it means to you. Please be sure to include an email address where we can reach you for an address and we will pick one lucky winner at random!

About the Author:

Carol writes from the heart of a dog's eyes. Often telling her stories to LaberDoodles, Basset Hounds and any stray that happens by, it wasn't long before people stopped to have a listen as well. Now Carol writes for people and speaks to large audiences, dogs included.

Genre: Family Drama
Publisher: Troll River Publications
Release Date: January 1, 2013

Book Description:

Luke, an intelligent, 89-pound yellow Labrador retriever, has an odd ability to understand human conversations and actions. When his owner’s girlfriend, Sara Colson, discovers she has breast cancer Luke is the sole secret keeper of her disease. Not knowing if she’ll survive, Sara leaves her boyfriend, Ashlundt Jaynes, to shield him from the pain. Luke, knowing how to give unconditional love, is the catalyst bringing the two lovers back together and helps them stay together while Sara and Ashlundt overcome a series of life-changing events. 

At the heart of Luke’s Tale is the story of two lovers and their struggle with unforeseen disillusionment to build a lasting relationship -- and the loving, furry creature who is devoted to them beyond all reason.



September 15, 2015

The world is darker today. Not because I’m blind. My world is always black. But this day my heart is broken.
I sit for a very long time next to the door. I long for her smell of fresh cut flowers, her touch and her gentle voice. I visualize her face. I see the fullness of her lips and the deep compassion in her dark eyes. She is the most caring human I’ve ever known. I long for her comforting arms around me.
People come up and pet me. One nurse offers me a bowl of water. I remain aloof, not wanting to be distracted in case… in case there’s some word. She couldn’t possibly be capable of being with me now.
Bay leaf and ocean scent assault my nostrils as I feel Ashlundt pass by into the ER. I stretch my nose toward him, searching for some sort of hope. I feel his desperation as he hurries past me with two words, “Stay, Luke.”
My stomach growls. I suppress the hunger. It doesn’t matter now. In trying to push away the anguish, my mind wanders back to when Sara left us. I was younger and not blind. She wanted to protect Ashlundt from the pain of her cancer. She must have known that he wouldn’t be able to cope with her being sick.
I’m not sure what makes him tick. It has to have something to do with his brother’s surfing accident. He blames himself to this day. Maybe that’s why he can’t cope with illness or imperfection in those he’s supposed to love. I once was his golden boy. We went everywhere together. Now, my blindness has pushed him further away from me.
I still feel Ashlundt’s athletic strength every once and a while. He’ll brush his large hands over me, and I can visualize his big frame and angular face bathed in his long, sun-lightened hair. I wish he knew how to cope with my blindness. It’s hard not to take it personally.
I wish I could cope better with my loss of sight. I’d always been a watcher. It must be part of my Lab nature. What scares me the most is that I can’t observe my humans, or help them now. Sara has always depended upon our unspoken bond. Ashlundt is another story. I’ve been through tough times with each of them, and I’ve had to be more like that human detective, Sherlock Holmes, than a dog for them. I am the product of a broken relationship.
It’s long past my evening meal when I feel Sara’s presence. I hear nothing but the despair in her voice. “Come, Luke.” She takes me by the collar and leads me to the car.
I sit in the backseat and slowly lay down. I know what has happened but can’t bare thinking of it. She is silent, but her pain is unbearable and palpable in the air. I think back to how Ashlundt pushed her away, even when he finally discovered she was sick. I fought so hard to help him try and win her back…
I’m jarred back to reality as the car stops. I hear the door open, then the backseat door. Sara whispers, “Let’s go inside, Luke.”
Slowly, I follow Sara into the house.
She says nothing as she fixes my kibble and leftover chicken, then leaves the room. My greatest fear has been realized.
After sating my hunger, I go to find Sara in her bedroom. She is lying across her bed in silence, tortured and bereft. Even though I’m not usually allowed on the bed, she says nothing as I crawl up next to her and place my head on her hip. I give out a whimpered cry of sorrow.
We lie together in silence for a long, long time. I have to go outside so badly that my bladder hurts, but I don’t dare leave Sara. She is so cold. I move closer to her, wanting her to feel my warmth, the warmth that Ashlundt should have offered. Time passes. My stomach begins to growl and adds to my discomfort, but it doesn’t matter. I will not leave her.
Sometime later the phone starts to ring. It must be morning. All those distraught voices leaving messages of sorrow on the answering machine. I crawl up to her face, pressing my nose on her cheek to see if she is asleep. Her hand softly touches the top of my head. “It’s okay, Lukey. Thank you for staying with me.” A ragged sigh escapes from her and is joined by my own.
Still we remain motionless. I think back to the chain of events until I started going blind. But, I’ve gotten way ahead of myself. I need to go back to the beginning so that you understand how we arrived at our darkest moment in time.

Author Fun Facts and Giveaway: Untangled:Contemplation and Entanglement by Henry Sienkiewicz

Untangled: Contemplation And Entanglement
by Henry J. Sienkiewicz

Author Fun Facts

1. Favorite Author:

For thoughtful works: Thomas Merton;
For light works (guilty pleasure): Clive Clussler

2. Favorite Book:

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

3. Favorite Movie:

Two: The Mission, and Les Uns et Les Autres

4. Preferred Drink:

Home roasted coffee or a French white burgundy

5. Favorite Activity:


6. One thing readers would be surprised to know about you.:

I don’t get to travel nearly as much as I would like

7. Actor/actress you see playing your main character in your book.

Since the main character is me, Keanu Reeves

8. Night owl or early bird:

Early bird

9. Favorite dinner.:

I’m a farm to table guy, so almost anything fresh and local. I do have a guilty pleasure of Peking duck.

10. Using the letters of your first name as an acronym, describe your book.
Can I use the French version of my name? 
 H: Holistic 
 E: Engaging 
 N: Nuanced 
 R: Respectful of the reader 
 I: Insightful

Wonderful! I loved the description, epescially R. I've never had Peking Duck, so I don't know what I'm missing lol. Thanks so much for stopping in Henry!

About The Author

Henry J. Sienkiewicz has served in multiple positions within the United States Federal Senior Executive Service since 2008. His previous commercial experience was as the founder and chief executive officer for Open Travel Software, an award-winning software developer focused on the global travel community, and in the chief information officer role at three technology companies.  He or his companies have been the recipient of multiple awards for innovations or achievement in the technology industry.  He retired as a United States Army Reserve lieutenant colonel in July 2008.
Henry holds a bachelor of arts from the University of Notre Dame and a master of science from Johns Hopkins University. He is also a graduate of the United States Army Command and General Staff College.
In 2006, he completed and published his first book, Centerlined, which dealt with interpersonal and organizational dynamics.
Henry resides in Alexandria, Virginia.
Website Book Site | Facebook | Twitter

Genre:  Practical Philosophy/Self-help
Publisher:  DogEar Publishing 
Release Date: April 2013

In a  social media-centric, Twitter-driven world we live, the complexity created by the entanglements has caused an overload Called a Walden for the Internet Age, Untangled draws from the rich traditions of both Eastern and Western philosophy to tease apart the hyper-connected web of the modern world and challenges the reader to recognize and embrace contemplation as a way cope. 

Through a highly approachable framework and the imagery of a journey through the heartland of Taiwan, Untangled provides the reader with the background of entanglement and contemplation, and identifies and discusses the three pillars of contemplation - silence, stillness and solitude.  The book closes with a series of actions that allow anyone to untangled through active contemplation in daily life. 



A Big Ball of Twine

We learn the rope of life by untying its knots.
—Jean Toomer
As we reached the first stopping point, we opened our packs and found chaos. The ropes that we had neatly packed were completely jumbled. The gear we had carefully stowed had been shifted around; it was an unrecognizable mess.
The jostling and shifting from the simple movement of the journey caused our coils of rope to transform from a neat roll to an entangled mess. We thought that we had taken care to pack them; the journey ensured that we had a mess to deal with.

Our mental backpacks are similar. Sometimes, regardless of the care we have taken, our world becomes a completely entangled mess in ways that we had not expected. Our journey ensures that we have a mess to deal with.
Many writers have used the terms connected and hyperconnected to describe our current state. I think that the term entanglement is more reflective of the state of our condition.
Connection implies that there has been an encounter but does not imply that the relationship is persistent. As will be discussed later, entanglement means two or more “things” have formed some type of permanent bond. This permanent bond is why I think that the term entanglement is more expressive of our actual condition.
Entanglement has many layers and many textures. It may be accidental or intentional. Entanglement may be in ways that may or may not be are attractive. Entanglement may or may not have relevancy to our lives. Entanglement may or may not have real meaning.
Entanglement may be the vines that catch your feet. Or it may be the limbs that brush your arms. Or it could be the rope that safely holds you onto the mountain.
Contemplation lets us mentally sort through the mess of entanglement that we all carry with us and allows us to repack meaningfully.

Interview & Giveaway - The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart by T.M. Shannon

The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart

(The Hero of Talbadas, vol. 1)

by T.M. Shannon

WI: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
TS: Way back in primary school, back when creative writing was actually taught at school. I never finished a project I began, but then I still had some big ideas.

WI: What inspired you to pen this particular novel/book?
TS: I wanted to do a computer RPG. I don’t know coding, or graphic design, but I could write the story. There are many literary influences as well, which you will recognize when you come across them.

WI: What road blocks did you come across while writing this story?
TS: Its sheer, monstrous size. I got to a point where I had to see it published to continue writing. I said to myself, “As soon as I get published, I’ll have the motivation to keep going.” In the end, I self-published and I certainly have the motivation now!

WI: What do you do if a story just doesn't seem to flow the way you were hoping it would?
TS: I’ve had this many times with my “blunt” ideas. They just peter out after 10-20 pages. I keep them around - there might be a good idea or two in there; in fact, TSH comes from an earlier blunt story.

WI: What has been the hardest thing about marketing this story?
TS: Wondering where to go to market my book, and starting to build the “platform” - I’m still in the connecting phase, but that’s fine by me. I just started publishing in February.

WI: What is one thing you wished you knew before, that you now know about marketing?
T.S: It takes time, patience, and a lot of organising - which isn’t quite my strong point.

WI: What is one piece of advice that you received to help your writing that you still carry with you today?
TS: “Get a cut-throat, no-nonsense editor.” Affordability is an issue (seriously, I’ve seen $5K floated, and I could get a second hand car for that!), but in my opinion it doesn’t hurt to get out there while you’re building up funds to get that big fix.

WI: Tell us what a day in your writing life is like, do you have any writing quirks?
TS: I’d love to say I start in the morning with coffee, a quick bit of exercise, mope about the house a bit before beginning. Reality is: get little one’s milk, have shower, get ready for work, spend a few moments doodling on my phone with a handful of ideas. On my lunch break I get the laptop out and work on my stuff, then again a little phone-doodling on the trip home from work.
If I can get to work (without connecting on FB, Linked In, checking emails and Goodreads) after little one is in bed, its headphones on, fingers poised, “Let’s do this!” Again, I’d love to write all day…

WI: Where do you hope to take your writing in the future?
TS: Onto a best-seller list, or into a movie deal. That sort of thing

WI: Are you currently working on any new projects?
TS: Up next is The Hero of Talbadas, Volume 2. It’s going to need re-writing (it already exists pretty-much up to completion). After that I’m going to take a break with another idea I have in mind.

WI: Do you have any upcoming events or special news you would like to share with our readers? 
TS: The best I can offer is 50% off the paperback through my CreateSpace eStore, and 99c on Kindle until the end of May. I’m giving a chance to win review copies through Virtual Book Tour, and there will be discounts available.

WI: Where can readers find you?
TS: I can be found on my blog: For sales, look me up on Amazon, but paperback deals through my CreateSpace eStore are best navigated to via the blog.

WI: Where can your book be purchased?
TS: I’m on Kindle and Amazon, although on my CreateSpace eStore I’ll be doing TSH at 50% off from its listing price. I’m also moving to Smashwords very soon, so you’ll find me on Kobo, Nook and iBookstore (I hope!)

We want to thank you for taking time to chat with us today and offering your writing & marketing experiences. We wish you much success in the future.

The Writing Innovations Team

Genre: Epic/Heroic Fantasy
Publisher: Self-published through
Release Date: 11 February, 2013

Book Description:

“To a kingdom facing darkness, a Hero will come…”

As the King of Talbadas nears his end, and treasonous parties seek to usurp the throne, young farmer Halm Dresden finds that his father’s dying advice, the actions of two elves, and a nightmare vision have put him on a destined path. While impressionable youth and some of his friends join this treacherous league, Dresden has a sword made and prepares for looming conflict…

About The Author:

T.M. Shannon works full time, pays rent, and has a head full of ideas.

He is currently living the dream in Sydney, Australia with his darling other half, and a 99% well-behaved son.

TM Shannon Blog | History of Talbadas | Facebook

Excerpt 1 - “Grab”

Dresden got to his feet, stretched his arms and legs, and cracked his neck and knuckles both. He looked to his family with eyes that no longer showed compassion, but dreadful finality; and he made peace with the possibility that he may never see them again.
Dresden?” Kethis asked uncertainly. Bindie and Gorden peered at him.
This will not be,” he said bluntly, his voice calmly level, different. “I will not have my family, nor the people of my town, fear for their lives.” He had nothing else to say; and having uttered those words, he strode for the hallway.
Mum, where is he going?” Gorden asked excitedly. “Where are you going, Dresden?!”
He moved for the study, his eyes set in cold, calculating slits. “Out for a walk,” he growled…

Author Fun Facts: The Wonderful Times of Godfrey and Chucky: Hot Spring by Daitoku Daiichi

The Wonderful Times of Godfrey and Chucky: Hot Spring

by Daitoku Daiichi

Author Fun Facts:

1. Favorite Author

One of them is British author JG Ballard.

2. Favorite Book

One of them is Chinese classic 'Dream of Red Mansions' by Cao Xueqin.

3. Favorite Movie

Possibly the 'Passenger', starring Jack Nicholson and directed by M.Antonioni.

4. Preferred Drink

'Sencha' green tea in a pretty ceramic cup.

5. Favorite Activity

Eating. I would rather eat sleepily that to sleep hungry.

6. One thing readers would be surprised to know about you.

I am just like them, and I really do not have any supernatural powers like Godfrey or Chucky.

7. Actor/actress you see playing your main character in your book.

Brad Pitt with a blonde wig for Godfrey. Posing with expensive jeans and a rifle, other hand resting on a woman's bosom. Chucky can be played by almost any ordinary-looking person.

8. Night owl or early bird.

Night owl in the summer, early bird in the winter.

9. Favorite dinner.

An international buffet with nice salads, wines, seafood, pasta and ice cream.

10. Using the letters of your first name as an acronym, describe your book.

Daring (in concept)
Adventurous (on stage and in bed)
Insightful (about society)
Intimate (with the women)
Cheerful (the outlook)
Helpful (the locals)
Insidious (the foreign villain)

Genre: Drama/Teens/Young Adult Fiction
Publisher: Daitoku Daiichi
Release Date: January 2013

The Wonderful Adventures of Godfrey and Chucky

Godfrey is young, wealthy and able-bodied. He has all the women you can imagine, and unbelievably deep pockets. But Godfrey wants more. His Great Greatness wants to rid the world of a menacing scourge, and restore what is truly superior to an elevated position. Why would anyone stop him? Who could possibly stop him?

Chucky arrives as the new assistant, and tries to perform every duty that is handed to him. What challenges for a dull servant! Look at him muddling through! With passports of exclusive privilege, the two adventurers make a splash in tropical Langkawi, where the water is blue and the girls are brown. Then they rendezvous with the locals in Singapore, where pleasures are plentiful and multicolored. Food and money are found in piles. Life in a global city should be, possibly, one of uninterrupted leisure…shouldn’t it?

Desire is a seductively red piece of jade, which resides even in our dreams.

"I am a healthy, strong and sexy male with a life, most of it sex life." - Godfrey Mann

"I did not know how to reply, since the words were difficult to speak." - Chucky

About The Author:

Inspired by English and Japanese gardens, Daitoku Daiichi is committed to sharing scenes of beauty with his readers. He hopes that through the mansion-like device of the novel, he can host a tea party to serve his readers exotic delights. In the day, he is a tutor, essayist, gourmet and world traveler. People somehow love to share their secrets with him, and he wants use his gifts of perception to tell innovative stories.

Readers are always welcome to chat with him at

Website | Facebook

Chatting & Favorite Recipe with Giveaway: Yikes! Another Quirky Audiobook by Adele Park

Yikes! Another Quirky Audiobook

by Adele Park

WI: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
I have been a story teller all my life. When I was in Junior High School, I started writing funny little novellas for my friends. After graduating from college, I went on to become a radio and television reporter and anchor. My job required me to write stories every day, although my style was restricted to news copy. In my free time, I wrote the manuscripts that I eventually turned into audio books called Jitters – A Quirky Little Audio Book and Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book.

WI: What inspired you to pen this particular novel/book?
I wanted to write something which reflected the quirky things unique to Utah. Both of my audio books address the subject of polygamy. My definition of satire is to exploit the absurd, so I use humor to explore sticky topics like marijuana, Gay Rights, bullying and discrimination.

WI: What road blocks did you come across while writing this story?
One of the other problems I have encountered is answering the question, “What happens next?” I have learned that writing an outline is very helpful. If I don't have to worry about plot lines, I can concentrate on making the content interesting and funny.

I've also noticed it is easy to get wrapped up in my regular work, so setting aside time to write has always been a challenge. I have to be disciplined when the nice weather beckons me to go for a ride on my bicycle or ATV.

WI: What do you do if a story just doesn't seem to flow the way you were hoping it would?
Sometimes I have to settle for just getting something down on paper. I can always go back and fix things that are awkward. I believe that stagnation kills, so it's better to write something that isn't up to par than it is to write nothing at all. Besides, I've always heard, “the write is in the re-write!”

WI: What has been the hardest thing about marketing this story?
My writing style is very unusual so the challenge has been to find people who are interested in my quirky brand of humor. Both Jitters – A Quirky Little Audio Book and Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book use a full cast of characters who speak in first person narratives, so my products are vastly different than mainstream audio books. When marketing my products, I have to find listeners who are open to audio books which color way outside the lines.

WI: What is one thing you wished you knew before, that you now know about marketing?
I have learned to do more research on the people I ask to review my work. In the past, I thought that blasting out a bunch of generic requests was all that was required. I have since discovered that my work doesn't meet the needs and tastes of every reviewer, so I try not to waste people's time by pitching them a genre that isn't of interest to them.

WI: What is one piece of advice that you received to help your writing that you still carry with you today?
Because I worked as a radio and TV reporter for so many years, the scripts for my audio books started sounding like news reports. My Mom is a former English teacher who suggested I try writing in first person so that I could stop “telling people” the story and start engaging them in it instead. This piece of advice led me to produce my products using first person narratives which is a huge departure from mainstream audio books. Although my style is very different, I'm happy I arrived at it nonetheless.

WI: Tell us what a day in your writing life is like, do you have any writing quirks?
Like many authors, I have numerous obligations which make it so that I have to carve out time to write. However, I don't think I could spend a whole day working on my manuscripts even if I wanted to. I tend to work in concentrated blocks of two to three hours at a time.

As for writing “quirks,” I'm a neat freak. Also, I like my office and recording studio to feel friendly and inviting. I decorate my work space to reflect the changing seasons. Because it is spring, my office is now filled with bright floral swags and colored glass pieces with butterflies and flowers.

WI: Where do you hope to take your writing in the future?
I am currently working on the next installment of the Quirky Audio Book Series. I'm also interested in writing some audio books for young adults. These stories will involve two cousins who solve mysteries together in a variety of locations including Navel, Utah.

WI: Are you currently working on any new projects?
I'm working on the script for a new audio book I'm calling Quirky Three until I'm ready to release the actual title. This audio book will feature characters from both Jitters – A Quirky Little Audio Book and Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book. This is part of the Quirky Audio Book Series, but each audio book is a “stand alone” project. My audio books are in chronological order and all take place in the fictitious town of Navel, Utah. However, listeners don't have to hear all the stories in order to understand whichever audio book in the series they are listening to.

WI: Do you have any upcoming events or special news you would like to share with our readers? (Any contests, giveaways, book signings, upcoming/new releases, or author appearances, please let us know.)
I have some upcoming radio interviews that people can listen to online. On April 22, I will be a guest on “January Jones Sharing Success Stories” On April 25th, listeners can hear a pre-recorded interview with “Book That Author” with Linda Leon Also on April 25th, I will be doing an interview on Eunice Nisbett's show, “Book Marketing in Five”

WI: Where can readers find you?
Both of my websites feature funny YouTube videos, cast bios, sound samples, links to purchase the audio books at and and information about Straight to Audio Productions, LLC.

WI: Where can your book be purchased?
Both of my audio books are available on and Links to these sites can be found on the Yikes! website and the Jitters website

Dried Cherry and White Chocolate Cookies

Cream together:

1 cup butter
¾ cup white sugar
¾ cup brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla

Add in and mix with above:

2 eggs

Combine mixture with:

2 ½ cups of flour (bread flour works best)
½ tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda

Fold in by hand:

1 cup chopped walnuts
1 cup coconut
1 cup dried cherries
1 cup white chocolate chips

Measure out dough using a cookie scoop on parchment lined baking sheets.

Bake at 375 Degrees for 10 minutes. Allow cookies to cool on the cookie sheets.

We want to thank you for taking time to chat with us today and offering your writing & marketing experiences. We wish you much success in the future.

The Writing Innovations Team

IMG_1742  About The Author: Adele Park worked as a TV and radio reporter, news anchor and on-air personality for more than 20 years. In 2008, Park formed Straight to Audio Productions LLC and opened a recording studio in St. George, Utah. Park's first audio book, WHEN RADIO AND POLYGAMY COLLIDE . . . Jitters-AQuirky Little Audio Book, received a 2011 Audie Award from the Audio Publishers Association for Multi-Voiced Performance. Jitters-A Quirky Little Audio Book was also honored with a spot on Jimmy Fallon's Do Not Read List. Website | Amazon

yikes-thumbprint-1200x1200 Genre: Comedy/Satire
Publisher: Straight to Audio Productions
Release Date: September 22, 2013
Amazon | Audible

When marijuana enthusiast Blue McKenna suffers an apocalyptic case of writer's block, reality TV seems like an easy way out. A conglomerate of kooky contestants invades the polygamist community of Navel, Utah, to compete in a reality show called Yikes! Participants include Steven Finch, a loveable stoner who develops a conspiracy theory involving a rock band called the Rectal Surgeons, and Randall Smoot, a member of the Gay Mafia.

WHEN MARIJUANA AND REALITY TV COLLIDE . . . Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book features a cast of 11 actors who portray the characters in funny, engaging narratives. This 10.5 hour MP3 audio book is available for sale at and For more information, please visit


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