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Blog Your Blog Tour with Divya Chandra - Where Spirit Meets Art

Where Spirit Meets Art is now on Blog Your Blog Tour and we are pleased to introduce you to Divya Chandra. Stop in and follow Divya's blog and enjoy the tour as we learn more about her. 

Welcome Divya!

Divya Chandra is the Director of BooGio11 Productions and member of the " Happy to Help Theatre Company". Divya's explorations have led her to the stage, to dancing, singing, theater movement, yoga and energy work. Divya works out of New Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, London and New York.

Divya's journey as an actor, director & playwright has given her a unique eye and an understanding in to the limitations we put on ourselves. As an actor, Divya is committed to work on projects that break the certified notions of glam and affectation prefixed with the profession, framing new foundations of transformative-mission oriented art. As a writer & director she aims to create work that transcends cultural confines in story-telling, co- creating opportunities for like-minded artists to explore and re-define ‘performance’ as a movement for self-discovery & empowerment. Divya has worked on several Indian and international projects,collaborating with directors, filmmakers and artists to create conscientious work escalating both the ‘self’ and societal awareness. Working with people from all ages and backgrounds, through her workshops she facilitates a more conscious connection with the self and helps participants tap and explore their aspirations and potential.

“I hope she'll be a fool -- that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

It worries me, exposing my sisters and daughters to this kind of archaic garbage. There is really no other word for it but GARBAGE.

I believe these soaps have regressed our Indian society back in to the dark ages; instead of focusing on the opportunities that this century has brought us; they focus on the petty aspects of human baseness, moral repugnancy and ratings motivated melodrama.

There are of course some that are exceptions to the rule, but unfortunately most serials that are being mass produced; are like fast food - taste good but offer little content and even lesser or no nutritional value.

According to the last census of 2011 there are 58,64,69,174 women in India.
It is frightening to see the hidden messages in the characterization and sub plots of these soaps that are being sent out to young women today.

If viewed unconsciously the underlying messages are:-

  1. Power can only come from position and hierarchy and through plotting and manipulation.
  2. Women have to fight amongst themselves to establish their worth and position in the family.
  3. That manipulation, back biting and game playing are the tools for succession.
  4. That there are 2 kinds of women the vamp or the victim; women have to be segregated in to stereotypes and treated accordingly.
  5. Everyone around you determines your worth; you are what people think of you, so as long you pretend to be virtuous on the outside, it doesn’t matter who you really are when no one is looking.
  6. Respect is bought by virtue of position and doesn’t need to be earned through intent or conduct.
  7. Do anything to make everyone else happy even if it goes against your own beliefs or happiness
  8. Suffering in silence, sacrifice for the sake of others and general martyrdom (or the appearance of it) are the mark of a true ‘Bharatiye naari.’
  9. And of course the age-old gold digger’s mantra - marry a rich man for an immediate lifestyle upgrade, better yet make sure you marry the eldest son for complete and total domination.

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