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An ordinary guy, having an ordinary day...Fun Facts with Rocky Leonard - Secondhand Sight

John L. Leonard was born in Savannah, Georgia and graduated from Savannah Christian School. He holds a BBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Georgia and worked as a computer programmer for more than twenty years before becoming a writer.
John has spent most of his adult life in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. His writing has also been influenced by shorter stints working as a bartender, real estate investor and landlord.
He has been married to wife Lisa for twenty-one years and is the proud father of two and grandfather of three, as well as pack leader for several wonderful dogs and a hostile Maine Coon cat.
His first non-fiction book was published in 2010.
John writes detective novels under the pen name Rocky Leonard. His first detective thriller was published in 2012.
The local color in his writing is equally authentic whether the setting is a Georgia beach, downtown Atlanta, or the Appalachian foothills in north Georgia.

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Fun Fact Interview:

  1. Why did you start writing?
I heard something said on television—that cars, computers, and cell phones were all intelligently designed, but human beings were not—and thought that was quite a remarkable thing for someone to say, particularly a world-famous biologist named Richard Dawkins. Several years of research later, I realized I’d written my first book, Divine Evolution. When it was accepted by my first publisher, I was hooked on writing. Secondhand Sight is my second novel, fourth book.

  1. What's your favorite book of all time?
In the same style as Secondhand Sight, I’d have to say Dragon Tears by Dean Koontz. I possibly could narrow my “favorites” (plural) to a top ten list that spanned multiple genres, from detective novels to science fiction.

  1. Favorite Movie and why?
If I’m supposed to pick a movie that reminds me of my novel, maybe Silence of the Lambs because of the tension I try to build. That movie was so intense that you could cut the air in the theater with a knife. Picking an overall favorite movie, which is no easy task, I’d probably have to say The Princess Bride. I love to laugh, it’s safe for the whole family, and there were too many memorable lines to count. Every time someone says the word “Inconceivable”, I find myself responding, “I do not think that means what you think it means” in a bad Spanish accent.

  1. If your book was made into a movie, who do you seeing being cast for your characters?
Wow, you ask some really tough questions, especially considering that I haven’t seen many movies lately. I’m struggling to think of actors who might be good for a particular part. Okay, Dan Harper is a pretty young, athletic guy—maybe Joseph Gordon-Hewitt would make a good Dan. I’d like Russell Crowe for Wassner, but we’d have to beef up the actor as well as the part, I think. I’d just like to have Russell Crowe in the movie based on one of my novels, one day. Realistically, in my mind, Wassner looks more like a young Brian Dennehy. Anybody who’s fairly young and can play a good lunatic could be Clayton—Alec Baldwin? As for Pete Driscoll, James Earl Jones would be great. 
  1. What is your favorite scene from your book, or the scene you most enjoyed writing?
This is going to sound weird, but the scene where Dan finds his pregnant wife Beth unconscious on the floor of the bathroom, after the cavalry arrives in the form of paramedics. The reason I liked writing that scene so much was that I collaborated with one of my best friends who works in the medical profession to get the details correct, which led to his suggesting a better scene for the grand finale.

     6.  Where can readers connect with you online?

I blog at, and my books can be found at
The Book:

 Dan Harper is just an ordinary guy, having an ordinary day…until he ruins his tie during lunch. When he visits a thrift store near his office for an inexpensive replacement, merely touching a secondhand tie triggers a flood of gruesome images only he can see. Are they hallucinations, or suppressed memories?
Dan desperately wants these visions to be nothing more than a product of his imagination, but soon enough, he discovers real crime scenes and murder victims. Dan can no longer ignore the unseen powers forcing him to confront the demons of his past. Dark forces prod him to seek the identity of the faceless murderer haunting his dreams.
Dan’s worst fear is the suspicion he’ll eventually confront the face of this brutal killer in last place he wants to look – the mirror.

Genre – Mystery/Paranormal
Publisher – Each Voice Publishing
Release Date - September 7, 2012
Purchase Links – Amazon | Barnes and Noble

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Thanks for the interview! I think it is amazing that you joined forces with your friend in compiling your scene. It not only adds to the authenticity of the plot, but it shows that authors need to do a lot of research.

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