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Meet Debi Wilder, Erotic Author. Debi shares her new release and a recipe!

Although some like to think Ms. Wilder lives what she writes, it’s far from the truth.  She has shelves filled with research books such as Sex Toy Tales, Lip Service, and The Academy, which she gets from her sister-in-law from time to time.  Thankfully her husband doesn’t think they have to try everything at least once!

Ms. Wilder loves the freedom that writing erotica brings.  There’s a no holds barred attitude that suits her when her imagination and characters take over and run wild on the pages.  And like her characters, Ms. Wilder believes romance and sex go hand in hand.

Ms. Wilder currently lives a quiet life with her husband nestled deep among the pyramids of Rock Lake.

Here's Debi's new release Gabby's Second Chance, Lacy's Lamp Bar Series and after you've read the excerpt, hop over to see her recipe.

Gabby Adams did the unthinkable – she put her unborn child in harms way and lost. While Ryan Peterson was fleeing the thugs he owed money to for horse betting, Gabby placed herself physically between the man she loved and the men who wanted to harm him. Gabby feels she’s undeserving to give her love to anyone, physically or emotionally. With ghosts laid to rest and Lacey’s help, will Gabby find love in the arms of another man?


Gabby shook off her winter coat and then sat on a stool at the bar. “I guess I could use something warm, it is damp out there tonight and with the snow…” she started, wondering why she hadn’t seen the bar on her way down to the docks. “When did you say you opened? I don’t remember seeing a sign or anything earlier tonight.”

“I’ve got exactly what you need. You don’t look like a big drinker, so how about a Peppermint Patty?” Lacey replied, setting a cup of steaming hot chocolate in front of Gabby. The sweet richness made Gabby smile while the peppermint schnapps soothed her troubled mind with memories of a happier time.

Lacey leaned over the bar, dropping a couple of mini marshmallows into the steaming cup. “I must confess, I’m not really ready to open to the public yet. You just looked so cold when I saw you standing at the docks, that when you walked by I just had to flip on the sign. Sort of like a guiding beacon in the night.”

“This is wonderful.” Gabby licked her lips, catching all the richness of chocolate that might have escaped. “Why Lacey’s Lamp? I don’t get it.”

Lacey refilled Gabby’s cup, her eyes twinkling. “Because I’m a genie and can grant you any wish you want.”

You can find Debi on the web on the following links:
Blog ; Facebook ; Twitter @waMaxineDouglas

Debi also writes Romance as Maxine Douglas. Debi's Amazon Author page and Maxine's Amazon Author page. And Debi's Romancing the Heart on Facebook.

Debi shares her Chilled Cucumber Soup on the Recipe Corner: Author Favorites.

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