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Bloodbreeders Series: Living in Darkness and The Revenge, and a Recipe by Author Robin Renee Ray

Robin shares her favorite recipe of Mozzarella Stuffed Meat Loaf with us at the Recipe Corner on Author Favorites

Multi-genre Author Robin Renee Ray

~ Biography ~

I began writing four and a half years ago, six months after the birth of my first grand baby.  I was there holding my daughter's hand when that tiny little girl was born.  I bent down when they laid her on her mommy’s belly and kissed her little mouth, knowing that she had just changed my life in more ways than can ever be explained in words.  I took a few tablets to my stomping grounds in Burkett, Texas, and began scribbling out my first novel.  I had no clue how to type, spell, and had very little knowledge of proper grammar, but four months later, I had a complete novel; the beginning of a five book series, that is now one book away from being complete.  I have since learned a bit about the skills of a writer and now have 15 books under my belt.  Dark Knight of the Skye was my first book in print, but the seventh novel that I wrote.  I had the best time studying the way of the Scottish world, and an even better time writing the words of the main character, Danny Gilmore.  Many of my reads are from the paranormal world, flowing from vampires to werewolves, right into the strange world of the doppleganger.  Dark Knight not only has my love of vampires and werewolves, but shows my twisted and warped love of blood, gut, and gore.

I think since I have become a writer that one of my main goals is to become the next female version of the late, great Alfred Hitchcock.  I wrote a book of short horror stories thinking of him, because to me, there will never be anyone that thought anywhere near the way he did when it came to true horror.  I just think he was a little loopy, but who am I to talk?  I’m just a long haired tree hugger, who plays in haunted houses and the oldest, scariest cemeteries that I can 

Bloodbreeders: Living in Darkness

 On Amazon, Smashwords, and in Print

Not once in her life did farm girl Renee Crocker, imagine she would encounter a world found only in the minds of myth-seeking men. Although the things they sought were not always unheard of in the 1930’s in other parts of the world, life was just too harsh in the small Texas community, to pay mind to anything other than raising a healthy crop to ensure the survival of one’s family. But late one evening during supper, a stranger comes knocking on the door of the Crocker family farm house and is invited inside.

It doesn’t take long for Renee to discover a great number of things that people in her neck of the woods couldn’t even contemplate. The dark of night takes on a whole new meaning, and the once vulnerable young country woman finds herself struggling to survive in a world that demands she live forever in darkness.

Bloodbreeders: The Revenge 

On Amazon, Smashwords and coming soon in Print

Renee thought she had gone through the worse nightmare that any being could possibly dream up; little did she know that her adventure had just begun. Her intentions were to go back to Cuba and fulfill a promise made to the two that helped her escape the unbelievable hell that had become her life from the days of loving care back on the farm. 

What she finds changes her destiny and places her path on one that was only found in the mind and tales of the ancient profits. Of course, the question remains, will she be able to fulfill the needs that have taken hold of what little heart she had left? Can the faith of a country girl with the help of those who would follow her into hell itself be enough, or will they find themselves in a situation that they cannot get out of?

Look for: Seeking Others - later this year and Lies Beneath London and The Elders in the future!

You can find Robin on her Web site, her Blog, Facebook, Facebook Fan page and Twitter.

Robin's books on Amazon and Smashwords

Be careful as you trudge over to grab Robin's recipe because you have to go through this cemetery first!

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