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Trailer Promo - Marooned in Miami by Sandra Bunino & Kindle Contest

Have you been Marooned lately? As part of the Marooned in Miami virtual book tour, we are pleased to present you with a close up look at the book trailer, created by BK Walker's Cafe'. I hope you enjoy it and you can also be entered to win a brand new Kindle at the end of Sandra's tour by leaving a comment here today. Let us know what you think of the trailer, about the book, and what you would do with a brand new Kindle if you should win! (don't forget to include your email address)

You can gain more entries by leaving a comment at any of Sandra's posts - Follow her tour HERE.


We are ready to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for stopping in today and good luck on the Kindle Contest.

4 Responses to "Trailer Promo - Marooned in Miami by Sandra Bunino & Kindle Contest"

BK said...

Thanks for stopping in and let's GET MAROONED BABY! WOOHOO! Don't forget to comment to be entered into the Kindle Contest :)

Ava Riley said...

Wow...this looks like a hot read!  Love the cover!

Lynn A. Reynolds said...

Loved the trailer for the book but it was too short.  I want more!  Thank you for a chance to win a kindle so that I can add more books to be read.

Sandra Bunino said...

BK, thanks for having me over on Writing Innovations E-Zine for my wonderful book trailer viewing!

Ava and Lynn, Thanks for stopping by! Your names will be entered in the Kindle contest. I appreciate the nice compliment on the Marooned trailer. We didn't want to give too much away!

Please be sure to visit me at my next stop @ Immortality and Beyond on 2/7: