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Self Publishing Error Number 1

Most authors, especially newbies, don't understand what the number one thing is that can set them back from moving forward and getting great reviews. It won't matter if you have a great story, but the number one mistake that most self publishing authors make - Editing.

If you produce a poorly edited book, you might as well just toss your book in the garbage disposal.

Being an Indie Author is hard, but being a self published Indie Author is even harder. Readers and reviewers alike like to read a well tuned book. If you hand your book over and it consistently has errors, graphical or punctual, you're losing out. You'll be lucky if the reader gets past the first chapter.

This is where research comes in very handy. If you're just writing your book and haven't even been published yet, it will do you some good to hop on the good ol' internet, pull up your handy dandy search engine, which is probably Google, but maybe you might use Bing, and type in Editing Services. You'd be amazed at how many freelance editors there are, and it would be wise to click on the links to find one that can suit your needs and your budget.

Many editors, especially the good ones, will often offer a free page or two of editing to show they know what they're doing. Take them up on it. They want to prove to you they have your back, and the only way to know for sure if they have your back is to try them on for size.

If you look up in my right sidebar here, you'll find AllWrite? - a writing service without even having to open another tab to start your search. If you're unsure still, even after searching? Well, how about when we talked about Building a Solid Reader Base. Remember? I said that while you're writing you should start searching for friends in the same genre, or other author friends period? Don't be afraid to ask your new found friends if they can refer you to a good editor. I can without a doubt tell you, they're going to say "Sure. Try this one."

The point is, don't be afraid to tap into your resources to help yourself in the future. Don't commit self publishing suicide, but help yourself become the next bestseller. Edit that book.

What else can you do to help with your editing process?

Easy. Have others read your work, they often will catch your mistakes and let you know. Step away from your writing once you feel it's complete. After about a month, give or take, re-read it yourself. I can guarantee you will stumble upon, (no pun intended), a few mistakes and you'll be asking yourself, "What was I thinking?"

After your friends have read it, and you have read it, send it on over to your editor for a professional edit. Once the editing is done, you can go ahead and self publish, get your book into those reviewers hands, and work your way up that ranking scale to become the next Bestseller on Amazon.

Margaret West - Author of Abigail Cottage


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4 Responses to "Self Publishing Error Number 1"

MK McClintock said...

Great post. Actually I realized that no matter how many times I read, edit, read, edit and rewrote, I still missed things. Now that I'm finally able to, I'll be working with any editor on all future books. I completely agree that it's a necessity for Indie authors, though I always find it interesting when I'm reading a book by one of my favorite authors (big publishing house) and I come across editing errors. Anyone can miss things, but we may as well level the playing field. Thanks for sharing!

BK said...

Thanks for stopping in MK. I agree even big publishing houses miss things, and I was a little surprised when I found errors in one of my favorite series. But you are correct, we must level the playing field. All is fair in love and Writing. :)

Steph J Dagg said...

Yes, we editors do come in useful! I'm an author too and I find it hard to edit my own work since I'm so familiar with it. You miss mistakes because your brain knows what you wanted to say and so ignores the typos your eye is trying to tell it about. Self-publishing is a very demanding, but extremely satisfying, route to follow.

BK said...

I agree with you there too Steph. Editing is the hardest part to writing. I hate it lol. Thanks for stopping in :)