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Favorite Author Recipe - Elle D. Hayes and Her New Release

We have Elle D. Hayes sharing her favorite recipe and new release with us today. You can find the recipe on Author Favorites at the Recipe Corner

First a bit about Elle:

Elle D. Hayes was born to write. An unapologetic dreamer, she has created characters and their unique worlds for as long as she can remember. By day she is a not-so-mild-mannered
executive assistant, but by night she is a fierce keyboard warrior hoping to one day be crowned Queen of Erotic Romance. It makes for rough mornings filled with lots of caffeine, but she swears it's worth it.

Elle lives with her basketball loving husband and superstar daughter. When not writing she enjoys reading, watching basketball and shopping until she drops.

Her latest release is an interracial romance called Negotiating Love from the SWAT Officer series. It is available on Beautiful Trouble Publishing and Amazon.

      Just thinking about her brought images of her smooth milk chocolate skin and sparkling brown eyes to mind. His hand itched to feel her hair clutched in his fist as he took her from behind. He loved the feel of the braids and twists she always wore. And that ass! His head throbbed at the thought of another man touching her. 
      He dropped his bag on the ground next to the wall and opened it to dig around for his gloves. Once he had them on he stood and began working the bag. He’d worked up a really good sweat when Mace joined him.  
      “Hey,” Mace said as he moved to stand behind the bag and hold it steady.
      “Hey,” Jay replied before resuming his workout.  
      “I’m willing to bet that this poor innocent bag didn’t do anything to you, so you wanna tell me who it is you’re really beating the hell out of right now?” 
      Jay didn’t answer at first, but then he dropped his fists and sighed. “Myself,” he finally admitted. 
     “Okay. Wanna talk about it?” 
     “Not really.”
     “Can I take a stab at it?”
     “Can I stop you?” Jay snapped. Then added, “It won’t do any good. You don’t have a clue how much I’ve screwed up.” 
     “Maybe not, but I’m willing to bet three months pay it all revolves around one sexy ADA you’ve been pretending to not give a damn about.” 
     “How the hell did you pick up on that?” Jay questioned angrily.
     “Come on, man. You two can’t stop watching each other whenever you’re in the same room. And you almost ripped Gunnar a new one when he made that comment about her ass a few months back.”  
     Jay clenched his jaw at the memory. Gunnar Stephensen was a fellow SWAT officer and a world class womanizer. Had it not been for the intervention of the rest of the team, he would have taken the man’s head off when he wondered aloud what it would be like to hold Tonia’s hips and watch her ass while fucking her from behind. Jay groaned out loud when he realized how much that show of possessiveness must have told his teammates.

You can find Elle on Facebook, her Blog and on her Amazon Author Page.

Elle is sharing a slow cooker dish;

Bon Appetit!

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