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Chatting with Author Cindi Maciolek - Divatiel: Reflections of a birds companion

Today we welcome author Cindi Maciolek who's stopping in on her virtual book tour with Divatiel:Reflections of a birds companion. Welcome to Writing Innovations Cindi, it's so nice to have you with us today.

WI: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I started writing at a very early age, around four-years-old. Words fascinated me! I would practice my letters every day and make things up in my head. Then, I’d ask family members how to spell the words. I particularly liked rhyming, and still do today.

WI: What inspired you to pen this particular novel/book?

Divatiel: Reflections of a bird’s companion was a book years in the making. I was gifted with a loving little cockatiel over 17 years ago. I learned so much about having a pet, about taking care of a bird and about myself that I wanted to share that story with others. I don’t think people really realize just how intelligent a little cockatiel can be. I certainly didn’t. I’d share stories about her with others, and time and time again I was encouraged to write a book about her. So, I finally did!

WI: What road blocks did you come across while writing this story?

I originally thought this would be a very short book, a collection of stories about my bird’s adventures, organized by category. When I sent it out for comments, everyone suggested I write it as a complete story, from the first time we met until she departed for that big open sky. I’m glad I changed it because I’m much happier the way it is now, but it did require a lot more writing and editing, which ultimately added over a year to the production schedule.

WI: What do you do if a story just doesn't seem to flow the way you were hoping it would?

It depends. I tend to know the opening, the ending and a few twists and turns in between, but I generally let the story tell me where it wants to go. So, I write in a flurry for a few chapters, then step away to analyze where I’ve been compared to where I need to go. If stepping away doesn’t help, I’ll reread what I’ve already written, sometimes from the beginning, and hopefully that will identify what’s tripping me up. I always keep a file of notes, so reading through the notes can help. Or, I send it out for comments and listen to what my inner circle has to say. If all else fails, I’ll play solitaire or avalanche to put my mind in a different space.

WI: What has been the hardest thing about marketing this story?

This particular book is non-fiction, and many people assume that it’s aimed just at bird lovers. In actuality, any animal lover could identify with the love between owner and pet, and the way a pet can take over the household. So, getting people to understand that has been the hardest part.

WI: What is one thing you wished you knew before, that you now know about marketing?

I don’t think anyone would be surprised to hear that it takes a lot of time to market anything, whether it be a new company or a new book. Particularly in this day and age, there are so many options for promotion, but everything takes time. It takes commitment. It’s not something new, but sometimes when you’re in the throes of it, you try to remind yourself that writing the book was sometimes the easy part!

WI: What is one piece of advice that you received to help your writing that you still carry with you today?

Just do it! If you’re a writer, then write. Don’t talk about what you want to write, write it!

WI: Tell us what a day in your writing life is like, do you have any writing quirks?

I write all day, but not necessarily on my favorite personal projects! Let’s see…there are emails, queries, brochures, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, proposals, marketing plans – did I leave anything out?

I tend to be a night owl, so I do a lot of writing at night, but I do enjoy jumping out of bed and finishing up a chapter first thing in the morning. It sets a great tone of accomplishment for the day.

As for quirks, I read aloud when I edit. If something doesn’t read aloud properly, it won’t be good on paper. I also act out the different characters when I’m writing fiction. It helps me to bring the story to life and envision what it will be like on the big screen someday!

WI: Where do you hope to take your writing in the future?

I quite like writing fiction, more than I ever thought I would. I enjoy crafting the dialog in particular. My goal is to keep writing until well past the ripe old age of 142.

WI: Are you currently working on any new projects?

I’m currently working on a business book that’s aimed at people who are interested in starting a company, or the owners of a small company. My other favorite project is a novel that I love, love, love! Hopefully, both will be out within the next year.

WI: Do you have any upcoming events or special news you would like to share with our readers?


I’ll be giving away one signed copy of Divatiel: Reflections of a bird’s companion to one lucky person who is new to my Facebook follow list between now and the end of the book tour on March 12th. I’ll post the winner to my Facebook page on March 17th.

WI: Where can readers find you?

All the latest and greatest is on my website at, or on Twitter @cindimaciolek, and Facebook Cindi Maciolek-Writer. Details on Divatiel are at or on Twitter @Divatiel.

WI: Where can your book be purchased?

Divatiel: Reflections of a bird’s companion is available for Kindle and Nook on Amazon and Barnes and Noble respectively. For readers who prefer a printed copy, they can go to

We want to thank you for taking time to chat with us today and offering your writing & marketing experiences. We wish you much success in the future.

The Writing Innovations Team

Can four ounces of feathers and personality change a person’s life?

She can if she’s the Divatiel!

Cindi was looking for a roommate, and finally settled on a fine-feathered friend who was a gift from a co-worker. What she got was a loving, intelligent, fun, free-spirited, demanding – Jaké.

After recovering from illness that put her near death’s door, Jaké healed and was let out of the cage so she could spread her wings. She lived her life with gusto. Jaké took risks, used her intelligence to her advantage and loved unconditionally. She took charge, not only over her surroundings but over her owner as well. Luckily, she had a cooperative Mommy in Cindi.

Not only was she demanding, Jaké did things some humans have never done. She flew on an airplane several times, went on numerous road trips and ate fresh vegetables daily.

Jaké lived a very long life and had many adventures along the way, most of which are captured in this book.

Jaké was first a gift to William, then a gift to Cindi, and now a gift to the world.
Divatiel: Reflections of a bird’s companion will tug at your heart strings and bring a smile to any animal lover.

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