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Building A Solid Reader Base

The biggest concern authors have, no matter what publishing house they go through is "Will people like my book?". So how can you begin to build a reader base that will last through the times and have people anxiously waiting for the next great release?

Let's start from the beginning.  When you start writing your book, what should you be doing? Talking. The more you talk about it, your plot, your characters, certain scenes, the more hype you will create.

Who do you talk to? Your facebook followers, twitter followers and the people in your author groups. Let them know you are writing, give them an idea of what you are writing about. As you get farther in your writing, you can introduce your characters. Give ideas of what they are like - sassy, badass, shy, sad, struggling with life, etc.

What should you say? Give one line quotes from your characters…
“You are a warrior, you just don’t know it yet.” (Immortyl Kisses: Warrior Rising)
“No wonder my brother is so taken with you. You are truly mouth watering.” (Night Secrets)
“The enemy of an enemy is my friend…right?” (Immortalis Hunters & Prey)
Where are you in your writing? Did you write 1000 words today? Are you on chapter 21? Are you almost finished?
Readers love to know how close you are to a release date. When you build up the excitement, they want to know when they can get their hands on the entire story. Let them know where you’re at.
These are just a couple of examples on what to post. The point is, use social networking to your benefit.
The more you let your future readers into your head, the bigger your reader base will become. If you write it, they will follow. The more you tease, the more word of mouth gets out and people will want to follow you to keep updated on when that awesome book is going to be released so they can get their hands on it.

What else can you do? Join author groups and find critique partners to help you with your writing to get it to its best possible shape. Find yourself some beta readers, let them read it and give you their feedback before it's released. The more you can get your book into readers hands, the better off you will be .

After you release your book...offer a giveaway to those that you have been chatting with about your book since you first started writing it. Word of mouth is a phenomenal thing.

So what else can you do to build your author platform? You can take your book on virtual tour. Readers always love to learn more about authors, and a virtual tour is a great way to do this through interviews and guest posts. Let your readers know you will be touring and where you will be appearing. They will be more than happy to give their support after all your hard work. Your beta readers can also help create hype by offering their thoughts on the book. It helps create excitement.

You can also try out this new service:

My good friend Rachel Thompson, author of A Walk in the Snark and Mancode:Exposed, has started this consulting business to help you get on a path to building that fantastic author platform. Give her an email and find out what she can do for you.

This is only a small part on what you can do to build that reader base. Just remember, the more people you can get your book in front of, the more your readers will become solid fans you can count on.

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