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Interview with Best Selling Author Rachel Thompson

I'm a chick who writes stuff that makes you laugh. My blog has been nominated for funniest blog this year. I've been told I write in the style of that Dickens guy. Kidding.

I'm a mom, a wife, and a recovering pharmaceuticals rep. It's been a long process but I'm doing okay, thanks. 

I usually write about men (The Mancode), marriage, kids, being a mom, living in the OC (ya know--being a pale redhead living in a sea of blondes) and vodka. Not necessarily in that order depending on the day.

I also write occasionally about serious stuff, like the death of someone I once loved or lost love--so don't be shocked if you come visit and don't see the funny. 

Don't come here looking to find advice about how to be sweet or nice. I'm pretty much allergic to both of those words.

If you want to learn how to find humor in everyday life, well, I'm really not your girl either. Mostly I just laugh at stuff and make up words (See "Refrigeratoritis and Manesia.") Yet somehow it all seems to work.

And don't call me cute. (Hint: babies and puppies are cute. Grown women are not.)

Hello Rachel and thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today.

BK: When did you first start blogging?
RT: I started my first blog in 2008. It was mostly family stuff, pix of my kids. My reader (singular) was my mom. Once I found my voice, and social media, it kind of steamrolled from there.

BK: How did you come up with #Chickspeak vs. #Mancode?
RT: Well, Mancode really came first. My first post was really motivated by having dealt with eighteen years of empty toilet paper rolls. I married a good man. But eighteen years, people!

BK: I know there can be a lot of controversy surrounding your blog posts, how do you deal with it all?
RT: I’m thankful that what I’m writing about has elicited such an emotional reaction in some people, whether that’s positive or negative. It’s honestly good press for me since it gives people something to discuss. So I’m cool with it. It’s important not to take anything personally.

BK: What made you decide to put it all into a book?
RT: As I built up my Twitter and blog following, I discovered that the more Mancode posts I wrote, the more people wanted to read. When I started Chickspeak, that opened up a whole new audience. People really wanted more from me. So I took what I’d already written, added in about one-third new material, worked with an editor and proofread, formatter, graphic artist…

BK: Tell us a little bit about your books, A Walk In The Snark and Mancode: Exposed...
RT: My first book, A Walk In The Snark is a gathering of many of my most popular blog posts from my blog plus original material written exclusively for the book-- it includes a smattering of related themes: Mancode, Chickspeak, love, parenting, and even some more poignant pieces about family, loss, and grief. The main theme is primarily humor.

My second book, The Mancode: Exposed, is of course, mostly about men. But it’s really more about how women deal with our guys, our reactions to them, seen through my looking glass of snark and sarcasm. I throw in sex and chocolate for good measure.

I break the book up into four sections: Anatomy & Physiology, Coitus & Communication, Chocolate Confessions, and DNA & Stereotypes. The last section was a lot of fun, mostly because it was my answer to the people who accused me of stereotyping men in the first book. I take real-life experiences and deconstruct them. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

BK: How did it feel when your book hit #1 in Motherhood on Amazon?
RT: Beyond exciting!

BK: How did you get to #1, twice, over fifteen times?
RT: Lots of promotion! Mostly blog tours through the Indie Book Collective – we’ve always got SOMETHING going on. In addition, I’ve got a 24/7 presence on social media which is key, in my opinion: I interact daily on Twitter, Facebook, and my blog. I could be better on Goodreads and LinkedIn, but you have to pick your faves.

BK: Tell us one piece of advice you can give about relationships?
RT: Laugh. And never tell each other to shut up.

BK: What is one thing readers would be most surprised to know about you?
RT: Even though I took eight years of piano, I can still play almost any melody by ear.

BK: Where do you come up with it all?
RT: I live with a man. I interact daily with hundreds of men online. I was a pharma rep for fifteen years with primarily male doctors. I have lots of male friends. I have three brothers-in-law. And one Tasmanian devil child six-year-old son. Where don’t I come up with it all? #hehe

I read. I research. I love to put “easter eggs” in my blog posts and even my books – particularly pop culture references. Clever readers will have fun counting them up in my Mancode book.

BK Are you currently working on any new projects?
RT: Always. My brain never shuts off. My next book is for the guys. Chickspeak: Uncovered. I’ve written about it a bit in Snark and Mancode, but our guys really need help so I’m expanding on the topic. We women make no sense sometimes. Even we can’t figure us out. I feel sorry for men. #ahem #sometimes

BK: Where can readers find you?
RT: Anything RachelintheOC: Twitter @RachelintheOC Blog: Email: or my facebook page:

BK: Anything else you'd like to share with us today?
RT: Big thanks to you, BK, for all you do for indie authors and your terrific support. You’re a jewel!

Thank you so much for being with us today Rachel. It's always a pleasure chatting with you.

With her trademark snarky humor and candor, Rachel whisks you into her caffeinated world where she deconstructs common phrases (I’m Fine) and makes up words (Refrigeratoritis) in order to help dudes understand chicks…and vice versa. 

Rachel believes “Men are from Seinfeld, Women are from Friends” and so do her legions of fans. She dares to ask “why do men want to change the world but can’t change a roll of toilet paper?” 

Drawing on her decades (dear god has it been that long?) marriage, friendships, and past relationships, Rachel’s specialty is observing male behavior and dissecting it with humor (Shopping in NOT a Verb). Think of her as the Scientist of Snark…without the ugly white labcoat of course. #asif

Is it possible to truly expose men? 

Thompson explores controversial questions like: 
  • Can we outrun our DNA? 
  • Will we women always be slaves to our talkative nature (après sex)? 
  • Will men never be free of the chains of emotional withholding? 
  • Can we transfer man's paper towel changing abilities from garage to kitchen? 
But more than that, it's about all the levels in which we communicate...viewed through Thompson's looking glass of humor and deconstructed with her special brand of snark.

Women see a man scratching his stuff and want to run away. Quickly. Men see a woman rearranging her breasts, he's mesmerized. Imagine that. 

From December 12 - 24, you can snatch up these books for just $.99 while Rachel participates in the Indie Book Blowout! Opening day - Indie Book Blowout Begins

16 Responses to "Interview with Best Selling Author Rachel Thompson"

Jannice said...

Loved this! I'm going to have to have a copy of both books! said...

Thx Janice :) Both books are currently promo priced at only 99cents through xmas so it's a great time to purchase. Your comment just entered you into MY free #Kindle drawing.

Also, head over to the site -- A WALK IN THE SNARK is a featured book there today. You can enter over there for their giveaway also. Even if you already have a Kindle, you can try to win for someone else! Plus they are doing daily Amazon gift card draws. Very cool.

Tell your friends xoxo

Tom Stronach said...

Just as well we men never take you seriously, I mean if we did everything you wanted us to do you'd have nothing to whinge about, now would you.

BTW great interview

Caid's Mommy said...

I like the interview it was fun to read. I have already read A Walk In the Snark (which by they way popped up on my free kindle app on my phone as a suggested reading for me...thanks kindle app for the suggestion!)

RamblingWords said...

I have read both of Rachel's books and they are great. Her newest book "The Mancode: Exposed" is a hoot in a handcart and will have you howling out loud at her humor.

As mentioned, "A Walk in the Snark" has some heartfelt pieces that will move you to tears. It also has great humor and will have you on a roller coaster ride of emotion.

I can recommend both of Rachel's books without any reservations.



Jeffery Rowan said...

So you think you can elicit honest responses by bribing your friends into commenting here? You truly are the funniest woman I know (in the OC).

Kelly Stone Gamble said...

Great interview. Very funny lady that I enjoy reading, it is nice to learn a little more about you.

DC said...

Loved the interview. I have both of Rachel's books on my TBR list. I'm excited to read them.

Ciara Ballintyne said...

I'm currently reading A Walk In the Snark. There's a lot of head nodding going on. OK, my husband will change the toilet roll. Mostly. But papertowel scrunchies? Everytime I see one, I think of you, Rachel.

Raine Thomas said...

Great interview, Rachel! Loved Walk in the Snark and can't wait to read Mancode. You always get right to the heart of the matter, which just makes everything funnier!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Yes, the books are a hoot as is the author! Great interview!

Erica Lucke Dean said...

I just love Rachel. She says what she thinks without apology. And she has broken down the joys are men and marriage so brilliantly. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next! said...

Thx everyone for visiting, even the grumpy men. #haha

Some great convo going on my Twitter stream RE: free #kindles. The truth of the matter is I'd love for someone who doesn't have one to have one. I love mine. The drawing is totally random. If you want to participate, awesome. If not, that's cool too. (A reminder: you don't need a Kindle to read Amazon books. Just download the free apps.)

But there's no Kindle fairy. I pay for it out of my own pocket. It's my gift to a reader who may or may not buy my books, and that's cool too.

Blog tours are all about connecting with readers -- interviews are awesome. Where else do I get to bore you with my piano skills? #hehe

xo everyone

Landon said...

Very good interview, you guys. Always nice to learn a little more about the women in my life. Piano player, huh? Good ear, too, huh? We should work together.

Thanks for a great read.

Sharoninsanibel said...

Rachel's books are great. =)  After a long day of husband, kids, critters, clients, I flop into bed with my Ipad and just turn page after page.  Sometimes I have a good belly laugh, sometimes a hush of heart, often a story or line that I can insert myself into.  Always enjoyable.  A very good read.  =)  Keep em' coming, honey.  Sharon

thedoyle6 said...

I don't have a kindle yet, hoping for one in the blog contests lol Great sounding books!
Thanks for the tour.
-Dawn aka dawnmomoffour