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Ideas Are In The Air -- Another Visit from The Word Queen

Continuing on developing ideas for your book, here is Keidi with Ideas Are In The Air. Are you participating in Nano WriMo this month?

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Where do ideas come from? Some might say the sky, others the ether, and a fraction from our angels or spiritual guides. I like to think that ideas are in the air. They float around in their invisible form, waiting to land in the right mind; a mind which is ready and open to receive.

In a more general sense ideas stem from our inspiration.

According to the dictionary inspiration is 'a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.'

Our inspiration tends to shine when we are relaxed, or zoned out of the task at hand. Perhaps your time is in the shower, brushing your teeth, on the verge of falling asleep, or driving along the motorway? It's different for everyone.

Take a moment to close your eyes and consider what you were doing when your biggest and best ideas came to you. Next time you're in that situation you will almost certainly expect to think of another idea and with that feeling of expectancy ideas will grow.

I tend to view ideas as seeds. First they are planted (that is when our minds are receptive to ideas), then they are watered and fed (that is us focussing on our ideas and giving them attention) and then they grow (that is us expanding and developing our ideas). Now the idea has transformed into a beautiful tree. The branches are sub-ideas leading off the main idea, the leaves are the idea details and the fruits are the results of those ideas.

Planting Our Idea Seed

One technique to planting an idea seed is via brainstorming, which I've described below:

Brainstorming - This involves letting your mind run away, as if you were completing a marathon. It's all about perseverance! The best method of brainstorming is to write down everything that enters your head, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. The key is to not stop for a breath. Just keep on running. If you stop and wonder if that idea you have just made a note of will really work then the flow of ideas will stop just as easily as they started. Try brainstorming first thing in the morning when your mind is emptier and fresher.

Some Brainstorming Dos & Don'ts...
DO use a new notebook and pen, or a tape recorder.
DON'T try to brainstorm when you are tired, hungry, stressed or ill.
DO make yourself comfortable before brainstorming. Find a quiet room, free of distractions.
DON'T worry if it seems you're writing down wild and crazy things. Remember not to stop and critique anything during a brainstorming session.
DO take regular breaks of ten to fifteen minutes.
Other techniques to planting ideas are through dreams and asking questions, which we'll explore in the next newsletter.

Love & Light
Keidi Keating
The Word Queen xxx

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