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There's A Fine Line by Teresa Joyce

There’s a fine line by Teresa Joyce

I have been asked many times why I decided to write my book, and then share a chapter in my life that was so agonising to go through. Is it not easier to leave all those painful memories behind? The truth is that we don’t, they are just one step behind us lurking. Just waiting for an opportunity to drag us back into the recess of our mind, where we have neatly stored those painful subjects under the heading of delete. But the only way to remove those memories and in to the trash is by shedding the file. This process for me was the hardest thing I ever had to go through, but a journey I had to make. By sharing my experience with you I am hoping that you will also find the strength to do just that. If you live your life under a rain cloud, you will never know if its stop raining until you put the umbrella down. So how does my message help? Why should I think it will make any difference? It’s not unlike finding camaraderie in the madness. I am also here to say that there is light at the end of the tunnel; you just need to reach out for it. There is a place somewhere deep inside of us all that remains untapped; if you have never had occasion to visit you are unaware of its strength, but at your darkest moment as long as you believe you will survive.

So how do we start this process, leave the past behind and look towards the future. Firstly you need to try and forgive yourself, to heal the child that’s inside of us all. The other side of the coin is so much harder, you have to try and make headway in forgiving your abuser. Holding on to all that pain is only creating a mountain of hate which has no real purpose, by holding on to that pain your abuser is still very much in control. It has taken many years of my life to realise that maybe I was not to blame for everything going on around me at that time. I am not in the least saying this will be easy, how could I when I am still struggling to fully do so myself. But I am making headway and we have to believe that it’s possible. Writing my book was so very therapeutic for me, that I felt the need to help others unload their pain and face their own demons. You see if my book only helps one person that recognises its content, then it will have been worth all the pain inflicted. Ultimately within the pages of my book, I can help others with their own journey to heal.........

We were able to have Teresa on BK Media Entertainment, you can listen below. She is an amazing woman who's been through more than one person should have to endure. She loves to hear from her readers, and is always willing to reach out to those in need. Visit her online today.


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Nikki said...

Very true ans anything can trigger the drag...a sentence..a song. stop by my blog if you get a chance