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Jenny from Stoke on Trent.(UK)

I have been writing for many years and decided last month, enough was enough. I am not getting anywhere with novels and when I do, the pay is so small that I can’t afford to carry on. I have a little glass angel that I stand on my computer. I don’t know why I brought her. I was at a fete one year and she was sparkling in the sunshine and I thought she was pretty.
Fed up I said to her, fat lot of help you’ve been. You could have helped me more. I just need one little break, earn some money to keep me afloat so I can write my books. I hit send as I glared at my angel and sent off my last poem to a publisher who produces cards of various themes.
It wasn’t even more than three hours later that I go an email back from the publisher saying they liked the poem and would like to buy it and did I have anymore.Within hours i had a contract that was quite substantial.
So Mags, can you tell me if a person needs to actually ASK the angels for help. I thought they did it automatically.

Hi Jenny.
Thank you for your letter. There is a great misconception that angels will jump in and help where they can. In actual fact, they are the only beings with no free will of their own as they work from the will of god. They will never intervene in lives until they are asked. So in answer to your question, you will need to ask them to help you. Once you invite them into your life it will change for the better. No deed is too small or too big for the angels.
Mags x

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